Sonic ice is a popular brand of ice, and as such, you’re probably wondering which ice machine makes Sonic ice. 

Sonic Ice – Without a doubt, one of the most recognizable brands of ice available in grocery stores and convenience stores across America. The simple fact that they put their logo on individual pieces of small square plastic packaging, so you don’t have to guess what kind it is, makes them even more identifiable to consumers.

Which Machine Makes Sonic Ice?

Some products on the market claim they can create sonic quality ice by using unique technology known as Fizzion Water Extraction Technology (FWE). Sonic ice cubes, however, are produced naturally by the Sonic ice maker. Sonic makes machines that use less water pressure for their ice cubes to release sonic-sized air bubbles. There are two sonic ice cube makers on the market today: the American-Style Model and the European Model. Both models use less than usual amounts of water pressure to create sonic quality ice.

On American model products, the user fills the portafilter with coffee grounds, then adds hot water to fill up all six compartments in the portafilter. After the water is added to the portafilter, the user pushes down on the lever at the top to release the ice cube. On these machines, an air-cooling system circulates cold water through a fan inside of each ice cube. Each air-cooled ice cube has tiny air bubbles that are released by pushing down on a button located near each air-cooled compartment. When each case is pushed down, it pushes down on an airflow valve that opens up, pushing air between air-cooled enclosures. These models have a good storage capacity and are automatic ice-makers. Usually, there are no air pockets between compartments until one is dropped out of the portafilter.

In European models, water is added to the portafilter then the user pushes down on the lever located at the top of the unit. It releases an air-cooled ice cube. These machines have fans in their base, which circulate cold water through a pipe in the center of their unit. Ice cubes are dropped out of each compartment one by one. Each time an ice cube is dropped out, there are air bubbles between each container because no water pressure is used during extraction. With this kind of machine, there are no buttons located near any compartments because there are no air-cooled compartments on these units.

Benefits of These Machines

The most obvious benefit of these machines is that they create no waste. All of the melted ice from the cubes is collected in a storage bin at the machine’s base with both devices. This melted water can then be used as a drink cooler or to fill a pitcher for guests to fill water bottles with. These machines also have a pureeing button that allows users to blend fruit and vegetables into slush-type drinks.

Both machines come equipped with adjustable cup sizes, automatic shut-offs, programmable timers, and built-in cups. The American-style machine comes standard with three different cups, while the European version only comes with one size cup. All of the cups on the American versions are made of stainless steel, so they will not rust over time. Cups on the European versions are plastic but still look great after years of use.

Drawbacks of These Machines

By using less water pressure, sonic ice cubes are much smaller than regular cubes, so they produce much less volume than standard cubes. It means that if large amounts of ice are needed, these machines may not have the necessary amount. The ice is much more challenging to get out of both devices because there are no extra indentations or other features on the bottom of the machine, which makes it easy to get ice out after it has melted.

Other potential disadvantages of these machines include expensive equipment, high initial costs, and maintenance costs. You must clean the devices often after each use. As well, the equipment is a general appliance which needs to be cleaned regularly to keep working. Lasers can heat up very quickly and can cause damage to the machine if not used correctly. And finally, the vacuum produced by these machines creates a lot of noise, so there must be a lid on the unit while it’s operating.

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The sonic ice cubes from Sonic ice makers have been proven to be more appealing to guests and offer a better overall experience. With Sonic making these products, it is easy to see why so many people turn to Sonic for all of their frozen wants! The machines which produce sonic quality ice are a must for parties, celebrations, and other events which require a lot of ice.